Our Research Team

Bhagyashree Kamble

Dr. Bhagyashree Kamble

Bhagyashree has more than 10 years of experience working in the herbal, natural product, and analytical research. During these years she has gained experience of working with various approaches to overcome the challenges involved in herbal medicine development.

During her research career, she has gained knowledge and experience in developing formulations, starting from conventional dosage form to novel herbal formulations. Bhagyashree’s research work on the development of an antidiabetic and antioxidant capsule formulation was taken up for further development by an Indian company called Charak Pharmaceuticals in Mumbai, India.

Bhagyashree has gained experience in overcoming bioavailability issues for herbals and developed some novel formulations using nanoparticles and niosomes, for which a patent application has been filed to government of India. Bhagyashree also has acquired experience in analytical techniques for phytochemical research and development, further more Bhagyashree has experience in animal studies, pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic studies, drug metabolism, stability, and safety studies, including interdisciplinary research into herbal medicines. She has years of experience working in the laboratory, and has gained knowledge of GLP and GCP during her educational years.

Dave Watson

Dave Watson

Dave Watson has worked in the fields of mass spectrometry and chromatography for nearly 40 years principally at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. He has applied these techniques to a wide range of problems in the fields of natural products analysis and clinical chemistry. In the last ten years he has focused on metabolomics and was the local organiser for the 2013 Metabolomics conference in Glasgow.

Dave’s passion for the last 15 years has been his work on propolis is a substance produced by the honeybee colony to protect the hive against infection. He is particularly interested in its activity against infectious diseases which are prevalent in the developing world. Dave has published around 20 papers on different aspects of propolis (see connection to list).

He is a founder member of ARC ( Apiceutical Research Centre ) and IPRG (International Propolis Research Group) and organised the first International Conference ( Propolis in Human and Bee Health ) in 2016.

Dr Dave Watson organised the first international conference Propolis in Human & Bee Health in June 2016 at the Technology & Innovation Centre in Glasgow, UK. The event was co-organised by Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy & Biomedical Sciences and Apiceutical Research Centre. The conference marked a watershed moment, bringing together researchers from all over the world to specifically share their knowledge of propolis at a dedicated event. Click here to download the conference programme.

None of us knew, when we took the decision to organise an international conference solely on research into propolis, what sort of response we would get. In the end over 40 scientists from almost every corner of the earth including United States, Brazil, Nigeria, Slovenia, Bulgaria, New Zealand, Russia, Portugal, Romania, Mexico, Turkey, Morocco, Poland, Finland, Italy, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Ghana and the UK, came together to share their research into the astonishing range of chemical, biological and medicinal properties possessed by this unique product of the beehive.


Adrien Thibault

Adrien Thibault is passionate about the honeybee, holistic education, and health, which inspire his work as a natural healer, artist, researcher and international speaker.

Central to his research interest in Honeybees is Bill Hettler’s ( of the U.S. National Wellness Institute ) seven dimensions of wellness: physical, emotional, intellectual, environmental, social, occupational, and spiritual.

He holds a Doctorate in Traditional Chinese Medicine and practices as a acupuncturist. He studied stained glass in France and has held exhibitions in Europe.

In Canada , where he lived for 20 years he worked in holistic education at I.D.E.A.L. society where he became an executive director.

He co-founded the Canadian Apitherapy Association and was their first president.

He is a director of ARC Apiceutical Research Centre and a founder member of The BeeArc Trust -The Nature of the Future ,which aims to build a combined Discovery and Research Centre in North Yorkshire.

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